A New Year…this one goes to “11”

Time to get back on the bike.

So – MAX WEIGHT!  There was a moment…I think it was about 3 weeks ago when I knew that my decadent, “damn the calories, full steam ahead” lifestyle was in jeopardy.  It needed to be, my girth continually caused me pain.  I actually got winded tying my shoes.  I broke a sweat while peeling a banana.  My memory-foam mattress wanted nothing more than to forget. While I hadn’t reached my all-time physical fitness low, I’d painfully bounced off the walls on my rapid decent to rock bottom.  As noted – it was almost a month ago but that was around the beginning of December and no one, at least no one with a body fat percentage above his age, makes major dietary changes over the holidays.  So, with the support of my wife I soldiered on…consuming like every meal was my last.  No doubt, it was awesome in the same way a snake devouring an almost too big guinea pig is awesome.  When the end of the month rolled around I was ready.  I probably packed on another 10 lbs in just two weeks.  I needed to take a break halfway through rolling out of bed.

On Jan 2nd I knocked the cobwebs off my commuter and started my 1st significant ride in months.  My heart complained a little – it had to push my blood (I am sure it has the consistency of fresh poured milkshake) around my rotund frame.  But it was a good ride.  Short but only because it was SO DAMN COLD (somewhere around 29 degrees F).  I am back on the bike and headed for a new year of riding.


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