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204 miles = one patch: The 2013 STP

204 miles = one patch: The 2013 STP

THE BEGINNING: I started on a journey about three years ago…or maybe it was five.  I guess it depends on how you look at it. In June of 2007 I moved to Seattle.  I already considered myself a cycling enthusiast of the recreational and commuter variety.  Hell, I even contemplated proximity to my workplace, as in […]

My Craziest Trip…or…What ...

My Craziest Trip…or…What is the Definition of Loser?

Nine months and one day ago (or 274 days or how long a manned trip to Mars would take or the gestation period of a human baby), my wife, two close friends, and I entered into a friendly wager.  As these things typically happen, it started small and ill-formed: we were planning a trip to […]

My Thought Lump and its mini-chunk of...

My Thought Lump and its mini-chunk offspring

The last time I wrote anything substantial and stuck it up on this site was 570 days ago, give or take.  That’s pretty pathetic.  I pay for this site; both the URL and the space for content.  I also get 201 email addresses along with 200 MB of email storage.  Currently I am using only […]

Fear and Loathing in Seattle

Fear and Loathing in Seattle

It’s been awhile since a post.  There are a few reasons why I don’t hammer out a few paragraphs every other day and slap them up on my page.  Primarily, I hate spewing out a diatribe if it has no “meat”.  If you are going to spend your time reading this it better say something […]

The Many Layers of the “Low Carbohydr...

The Many Layers of the “Low Carbohydrate” Onion

Two days…two posts!  Look out…I’m on a roll!  A zero-carbohydrate, high-fat/high-protein roll of deliciousness!  Lets do this… In 2000, while I was neck deep in my studies to become a physician assistant, a “dietary craze” (I believe this is how the mainstream viewed it) was re-establishing itself throughout the nation.  A diet book written in […]

Knowing when to yell “Uncle!...

Knowing when to yell “Uncle!”

I’m not going to do the STP this year.  Last night I sent the request to The Cascade Bicycle Club for a refund.  Today was the deadline — I can expect to get about three-quarters of my money back (a whopping $70.00).  I also cancelled my Portland hotel reservation.  The penalty for this was a […]

Been awhile since a post

Been awhile since a post

The curse of February does exist!  Initially I was strong — kept to riding, eating right, and focusing on the future.  But in the second week I contracted a wicked cold.   Also, the new job started getting a little crazy. This got me in the mood for some “deep thinking”. If you know me then […]

The Déjà vu 10 pounds…or…...

The Déjà vu 10 pounds…or…Why February is an Evil Month.

  I did a ride this weekend.  I will post some info on that over on my “past ride” page pretty soon.  It was fun and uneventful…I was outside, which is always a big plus. I stepped on the scale this morning.  The digital readout triggered a chain reaction of thoughts… My desire and drive […]

One sobering ride

One sobering ride

So, this weekend I decided on “hitting it hard”.  What that means is doing a longer, semi-difficult ride.  All week long they were predicting mild temperatures (in the 50s) with on-and-off rain and gusting winds.  Initially I had four or so buddies that were planning on joining me but by Saturday they had all bailed […]

Week One — Still riding!

Week One — Still riding!

Just finished the 1st week at the new job.  It was fun and stressful.  I know…strange combo.  Right out of the gate I’ve been very involved in the creative process around the office; writing lectures, reworking quizzes, providing input on policy changes, etc.  But my role as a newbie and observer is very apparent — […]

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