My Thought Lump and its mini-chunk offspring

The last time I wrote anything substantial and stuck it up on this site was 570 days ago, give or take.  That’s pretty pathetic.  I pay for this site; both the URL and the space for content.  I also get 201 email addresses along with 200 MB of email storage.  Currently I am using only one of these addresses.  I think it is sort of snazzy and the world could always use more snazzy.   Please let me know if you want a “” email address.  I have 200 available.  I will totally hook you up and you can be snazzy too.

The reasonably large chunk of change I blow on the above mentioned (mostly unused) web-based property has gone for such things as paying Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels to make fools out of themselves while hawking for Go Daddy.  I haven’t been a fan of Jillian since her dust up with Gary Taubes on Larry King a few years back.  And don’t get me started on how she treats my chubby brothers and sisters on the Biggest Loser!  So, I am strangely OK with all of this.

Truthfully, I have a lot to say.  My brain is constantly spinning with thoughts I want to share and ideas that could change the world.  Well, at least the world that the squishy stuff between my ears seems to focus on.  I am forever wanting sharing these opinions and viewpoints; getting stuff out of your head and off your chest and onto paper, both literally and figuratively, is therapeutic, for Chrissake!  But I fail to do it again and again.

Why do I not write as much as I want to?  I am sure there are several different reasons.  Some are legitimate, you be the judge: I am too busy, writing is hard, things seem less coherent when they are out of my head, The only time I have to get it done is at night and by then I am too tired, etc.  I am the first to admit that these are just excuses.

But lets get to the bottom line: if I want to be a “writer” I need to write, right?

So, lets get started.

As mentioned previously, my head is spinning with all sorts of things I find interesting.  This huge swirling mass of things I want to talk about has congealed into a brick hard lump that, if taken whole, would fill up several pages of a standard, picked-up-at-Office-Max-in-the-bargin-bin journal.  You and I both know that when someone does that, writes down everything in their head, it is often called a manifesto.  And people that publish their manifestos on line are fucking nuts.  I may be nuts but it is important to me not to appear nuts.  So lets not do anything to raise suspicion.

I have a better approach. I am going to start cracking chunks off my congealed idea lump and putting them on here.  One mini-chunk at a time.

Is this idea going to work?  Well, it’s working right now because, for today, I am done!  You’ve read my first mini-chunk and we both feel good…well, at least I do.

Next chunk (along with a list of future chunks) coming soon.

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  1. Ben's Gravatar Ben
    February 28, 2013    

    Hey, the unabomber had a manifesto too, and look where it got him! Looking forward to your next ramblings!

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