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204 miles = one patch: The 2013 STP

204 miles = one patch: The 2013 STP

THE BEGINNING: I started on a journey about three years ago…or maybe it was five.  I guess it depends on how you look at it. In June of 2007 I moved to Seattle.  I already considered myself a cycling enthusiast of the recreational and commuter variety.  Hell, I even contemplated proximity to my workplace, as in […]

My Craziest Trip…or…What ...

My Craziest Trip…or…What is the Definition of Loser?

Nine months and one day ago (or 274 days or how long a manned trip to Mars would take or the gestation period of a human baby), my wife, two close friends, and I entered into a friendly wager.  As these things typically happen, it started small and ill-formed: we were planning a trip to […]

My Thought Lump and its mini-chunk of...

My Thought Lump and its mini-chunk offspring

The last time I wrote anything substantial and stuck it up on this site was 570 days ago, give or take.  That’s pretty pathetic.  I pay for this site; both the URL and the space for content.  I also get 201 email addresses along with 200 MB of email storage.  Currently I am using only […]

Fear and Loathing in Seattle

Fear and Loathing in Seattle

It’s been awhile since a post.  There are a few reasons why I don’t hammer out a few paragraphs every other day and slap them up on my page.  Primarily, I hate spewing out a diatribe if it has no “meat”.  If you are going to spend your time reading this it better say something […]

The Many Layers of the “Low Carbohydr...

The Many Layers of the “Low Carbohydrate” Onion

Two days…two posts!  Look out…I’m on a roll!  A zero-carbohydrate, high-fat/high-protein roll of deliciousness!  Lets do this… In 2000, while I was neck deep in my studies to become a physician assistant, a “dietary craze” (I believe this is how the mainstream viewed it) was re-establishing itself throughout the nation.  A diet book written in […]

Knowing when to yell “Uncle!...

Knowing when to yell “Uncle!”

I’m not going to do the STP this year.  Last night I sent the request to The Cascade Bicycle Club for a refund.  Today was the deadline — I can expect to get about three-quarters of my money back (a whopping $70.00).  I also cancelled my Portland hotel reservation.  The penalty for this was a […]

Been awhile since a post

Been awhile since a post

The curse of February does exist!  Initially I was strong — kept to riding, eating right, and focusing on the future.  But in the second week I contracted a wicked cold.   Also, the new job started getting a little crazy. This got me in the mood for some “deep thinking”. If you know me then […]

The Déjà vu 10 pounds…or…...

The Déjà vu 10 pounds…or…Why February is an Evil Month.

  I did a ride this weekend.  I will post some info on that over on my “past ride” page pretty soon.  It was fun and uneventful…I was outside, which is always a big plus. I stepped on the scale this morning.  The digital readout triggered a chain reaction of thoughts… My desire and drive […]

One sobering ride

One sobering ride

So, this weekend I decided on “hitting it hard”.  What that means is doing a longer, semi-difficult ride.  All week long they were predicting mild temperatures (in the 50s) with on-and-off rain and gusting winds.  Initially I had four or so buddies that were planning on joining me but by Saturday they had all bailed […]

Bring on the BIG RIDES!

Bring on the BIG RIDES!

I signed up for the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) and the Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party (RSVP) on Monday the 10th of January.  The STP is in early July and the RSVP is sometime in August.  Both are planned two-day rides sponsored and organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club (  I signed up for both […]

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